CEI Board

The Civil Engineering Institute (CEI) is the department’s industry advisory group, composed of local leaders in engineering involved in the design, construction, and management of civil infrastructure.  CEI played a critical role in the department’s founding, and continues to guide, advise, and support our program over 26 years later.

From the CEI Chairman —2016InstituteReport

Dear Members and Friends of the Civil Engineering Institute,
The Civil Engineering Institute (CEI) has again provided dedicated and critical support to the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering. On behalf of the CEI Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to report on our activities during 2016.

During this past year, CEI was proud to partner with the university to:
• Provide funding for enhanced student learning experiences through
Chi Epsilon, ASCE, DBIA, Engineers for International Development
(EfiD) and SAME;
• provide adjunct practitioner faculty and guest speakers through our
• provide scholarships and internships to deserving students;
• hold our tenth Annual Awards Luncheon where engineering excellence
and leadership were recognized and honored;
• provide supplemental funding for civil engineering class dinners where student
success is recognized and honored in full display of students’ family and faculty;
• facilitate timely and relevant seminars to stimulate learning and knowledge transfer among the faculty, students and professionals in the engineering and construction fields;
• provide input on curriculum changes in keeping with trends in the professional practice fields represented by all CEI member organizations;
• reinforce the current and future workforce and professional development needs of CEI’s
broad-based member organizations including public and private utility companies, public
works departments and engineering consultants and contractors in private practice.

Our member organizations are the backbone of CEI. CEI enhances the interactions between the academic community and the professional practitioners who are planning, designing and building infrastructure that is critical to our well-being. We firmly believe that these collaborative efforts benefit the academic program at all levels, the students in their ongoing search for academic excellence and meaningful careers, and our member organizations in their search for top talent with the technical and interpersonal skills inherent to success in the natural and built environment. CEI services a key role in GMU’s ongoing efforts to be in the forefront with disruptive technologies and producing graduates that deliver new and innovative solutions to problems and processes.

In the [2016 CEI Annual Report] you will see greater detail about the CEI’s continuing support to the University’s vision: “to cultivate success from our students, our faculty and ourselves”.

The Board of Directors is proud of the accomplishments this past year and presenting [the] 2016 Annual Report. We continue to operate on a sound fiscal basis. And we are always looking for opportunities to expand our member organizations.
Kurt R. Thompson, PE
Chair, Civil Engineering Institute