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Welcome to the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering at George Mason University, one of the largest universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia system of higher education. Our department educates over 300 students annually, preparing them for practice and for research across the spectrum of civil engineering, both within the United States, and, increasingly, internationally.  The department offers the full range of civil engineering degrees, including the Bachelor of Science in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (B.S.) [ABET accredited]; the Master of Science in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (M.S.); and the Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Ph.D.).

Few engineering departments in the United States can boast as close a relationship to engineering practice as our department at GMU.  Our partnership with the GMU Civil Engineering Institute allows us to call on local industry for advice, support, and advocacy for our students and our program; visit About CEI to learn about their active role in our program.  Our practice of integrating leading engineers in practice into our engineering design curriculum is a signature feature of our program. This includes engineers who mentor students in extra-curricular projects, such as the ASCE steel bridge building contest, and Engineers for International Development as they design and build projects. And finally, we emphasize to our students the importance of practical training in civil engineering during their studies.  Our goal is to graduate practice-ready engineers, engineers with a sound foundation in engineering science complemented by early exposure to engineering design.

We welcome your inquiries about how to hire our graduates, or how to introduce your employees to the degree programs at GMU.

  • For information on hiring our students, contact our department office at; telephone: 703-993-1675.
  • For information on our undergraduate curriculum, contact our Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs: Ms. Lisa Nolder; email,; telephone: 703-993-5607.
  • For information on our graduate curricula, contact our Director of Graduate Programs:  Dr. Laura Kosoglu; email:; telephone: 703-993-5319.
  • For inquiries on how to build a partnership with our department, contact our department chairman: Dr. Sam Salem; email,; telephone: 703-993-1687.

For directions to visit the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, visit Directions for Visitors to the CEIE Department.