CEIE Active in University Sustainability Efforts

Dr. Sharon deMonsabertDr. Sharon deMonsabert was recently selected by Provost Peter Sterns to the position of University Fellow for Sustainability Curricula. She plans to provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities that investigate environmental, economic and social sustainability. Dr. deMonsabert recently developed CEIE 499/690 Sustainable Development which looks at incorporating sustainable practices in land development. Students in this course learn about the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) concepts as they apply to commercial and residential development. One team in the fall 2008 CEIE 490 Senior Design class will develop their property to LEED silver standards. Dr. deMonsabert has a number of CEIE graduate students researching sustainable topics. Last spring, Ali Bakhshi and Jamie Headley studied the carbon footprint of municipal water and wastewater treatment and distribution. Janelle Wilson and Davis Chau completed an analysis of Low Impact Development practices on campus. Jeremy Jessup is currently studying the conversion of waste oils on campus to biodiesel that would be used to fuel the GMU fleet.