Fall 2010

Dr. Deborah Goodings Receives 2010 Engineering Excellence Award

Deborah Goodings, Department Chairman and Dewberry Professor of Civil Engineering

Deborah Goodings, Department Chairman and Dewberry Professor of Civil Engineering, has been recognized by receipt of the 2010 Engineering Excellence Award, the second highest award given jointly by Professional Engineers Ontario, and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (Canada).  Dr… Read More

Dr. Arciszewski Gives Talk at US Department of Education

On November 10, 2010, Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski with Dr. Catherine Harrison (an affiliated faculty, a neuroscientist and cognitive psychologist with the US Air Force Research Center, Dayton Ohio) gave a talk on “Successful Education” at the US Department of Education, Division of Postsecondary Education. The talk was attended by 20 program directors and Albert Einstein Scholars (education leaders from various Federal Government branches and from the state governments)…. Read More

Engineers Without Borders Chapter Becomes Official at Mason

Dr. Barry Liner and CEIE senior Mariana Cruz at rural village in the Andes Mountains

The International Engineering Group has been approved to become the GMU chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB-USA). In August, 2010, Dr. Barry Liner and CEIE senior Mariana Cruz traveled to a rural village in the Andes Mountains to evaluate opportunities… Read More

Dr. Sebastian Koziołek – Visiting Professor in CEIE Department

Dr. Sebastian Koziolek

Dr. Sebastian Koziolek is a young faculty in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. Presently, he is a Visiting Professor in our Department working with Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski in the area of inventive engineering. His present research is focused on the development of a new method for building a formal design representation space and a new inventive design method incorporating elements of various heuristics methods and the principles of big thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Genrich Altschuller, and others. In November 2010, he organized a Synectics Session with graduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. students from several George Mason University Departments. … Read More

Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski Visits Singapore for ASEE Global Forum on Engineering Education

Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski with Singaporean students

In October, 2010, Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski visited Singapore to attend the ASEE Global Forum on Engineering Education. During the conference, he made four poster presentations (full papers available in the Conference Proceedings) on “Renaissance: the Key to Modern Engineering Education,” “Theory of Successful Education and Engineering Education,” “Successful Education,” and “Successful Department.” He also gave talks on “Successful Education” at the National University of Singapore and at the Singapore University of Technology and Design…. Read More

CEIE Welcomes Nicole Jerome

Nicole Jerome

We are pleased to welcome Nicole Jerome to CEIE as our new administrative assistant. Nikki is a 2010 Mason honors graduate in government and international politics, who is studying now for a graduate degree in Public Policy. Nikki is very familiar with the university through her many activities as an undergraduate. She is doing a wonderful job for us already as our colleague, and she is the person you are most likely to meet first when you visit or call the department…. Read More

Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski Advises New Engineering Program in Poland

Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski travelled to Poland this summer to advise on creation of a new inventive engineering program in the Kielce University of Technology. He continued on to Britain to take a leadership role in the International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, with presentations on engineering education, and the ASCE Global Center of Excellence in Computing. Dr. Arciszewski is the Founding Chair of the Executive Committee of the Center…. Read More

Farewell to Jean Jefferies

CEIE bids farewell to Jean Jefferies, our office manager, who expertly managed faculty and student needs in the department for the last two and a half years, as well as those of our Civil Engineering Institute. She was also the first point of contact for visitors to our department. Jean was the consummate team player and a wonderful colleague…. Read More

Inventive Engineering Course Offerings in CEIE Receive Special Note From ASCE

The American Society of Civil Engineers has drawn special attention to our inventive engineering course offerings in CEIE on the August 15 ASCE blog posting by young engineer Ken Maschke at This out-of-the-box approach to design is an enduring research and teaching interest of Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski. Dr. Arciszewski is offering a graduate level course in Design and Inventive Engineering, CEIE896, in fall 2010 on Fridays from 4:30 to 7:10pm…. Read More

CEIE Department Welcomes Dr. Liza Durant

Dr. Liza Durant

CEIE is pleased to welcome Dr. Liza Durant to the CEIE Department in August, 2010. Dr. Durant is an environmental engineer whose PhD research at Johns Hopkins focused on bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in aquifers. She brings to the classroom the insights of her consulting experience evaluating the feasibility and economics of hazardous waste management and remediation, integrated with risk assessment, and her experience as an AAAS Environmental Science and Engineering Fellow. CEIE students will have the opportunity to study with Dr. Durant in three civil engineering courses this fall: Information Technology for Engineering (ENG117); Water Resources Engineering (CEIE340); and Environmental Engineering/Science (CEIE355)…. Read More