Annual CEI Board Meeting

General Henry Hatch (Ret.)Close to 200 engineers, students, and faculty attended the annual meeting of the Civil Engineering Institute (CEI) on Tuesday, January 27, in Dewberry Hall. The event marked the transition in CEI leadership from Mr. Ron Ewing, of Dewberry, to Mr. Bill Fry of Accenture; new board members were nominated and elected. The CEI Executive Director and Chairman of the Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Department, Dr. Deborah Goodings, presented the 2010 CEI Annual Report (PDF, 3.8MB), which provides a general overview of the department. She also used the event to describe the opportunities that a steady and marked expansion in both undergraduate and graduate student enrollment is permitting the department to undertake. The event concluded with an insightful presentation by General Henry Hatch, CEI’s 2010 Engineering Excellence and Leadership awardee, on Engineering a Sustainable Future. The event was made possible with the generous support of CEI members.