CEIE Students Attended ASCE OPAL Celebration

CEIE students at ASCE OPAL AwardsCEIE students, Jacobo Flores, Megan Salame, and Justin Nguyen, were guests of the American Society of Civil Engineers at the ASCE OPAL (Outstanding Projects and Leaders) celebration on March 25, in Washington DC.  The OPAL Awards recognize the lifetime achievements of five civil engineers.  In addition, the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) for the year’s most outstanding project; the Charles Pankow Award for Innovation; the Henry L. Michel Award for Industry Advancement of Research; and the ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award are awarded. The photo shows (left to right) Justin Nguyen, Megan Salame, ASCE Young Member Forum President Adam Stewart, and Jacobo Flores at the award ceremony.