The CEIE Department Welcomes Dr. Burak Tanyu This Fall

The CEIE Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Burak Tanyu to the CEIE Department in August 2011. Dr. Tanyu is a geological/geotechnical engineer whose PhD research at University of Wisconsin-Madison focused on use of industrial by-products and geosynthetics to construct working platforms and subbase for flexible pavements. He brings to the classroom the insights of his consulting experience on landslide mitigation, site characterization and design of residual waste landfills for power companies, and design of earth retaining structures. CEIE students will have the opportunity to study with Dr. Tanyu in projects related to geotechnical engineering. Dr. Tanyu is currently teaching the Comprehensive Introduction to Groundwater course (CEIE 690.005). He will teach Sources of Geotech Data (CEIE632) in Spring 2012 with a dual focus on laboratory and in-situ data collection in geotechnical engineering and use of data for site characterization and geotechnical engineering design.