CEIE Welcomes Dr. Celso Ferreira

CEIE welcomes Dr. Celso Ferreira, a water resources engineer whose Ph.D. research at Texas A&M University focused on studying the effects of land cover changes and sea level rise on hurricane surge, coastal flooding and damage along the Texas coast. He also developed a framework to integrate the simulations of hurricane storm surge on High Performance Computing (HPC) to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Besides his technical knowledge in the areas of water resources, coastal and environmental engineering, Dr. Ferreira will bring to the classroom his international experience working on water related projects along to his passion and enthusiasm of teaching water related disciplines to young civil engineers. CEIE students will have the opportunity to study with Dr. Ferreira in classes and projects related to water resources engineering. Dr. Ferreira is currently teaching the Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Seminar (CEIE 795). He will teach Water Resources Engineering (CEIE 340) in Spring 2013.