Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski Gives Talk at Symposium on “Intellectual Property in Innovative Economy”

Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski visited Krakow, Poland, in September, 2012.  He was the guest of the International Symposium on “Intellectual Property in Innovative Economy”, which was organized by the Polish Patent Office.  During the Symposium he gave a talk (prepared with Professor James Wolfe of the GMU School of Management) on “Innovation Engineering: the Key to Effective Economy”.  He also visited the Krakow University of Technology, School of Environmental Engineering, and gave a talk on “Engineering Education: Innovation Engineering” for a group of administrators, including the Dean, Associate Deans and Chairs.  During the same visit to Krakow he also visited the Jagiellonia University and gave a talk (prepared with Professor Robert Youmans of the GMU Department of Psychology) on “Transdisciplinary Theory of Inventive Desigining” in the Department of Design and Computer Visualization in the School of Physics, where Mikolaj Kopernik (Copernicus) studied before his fundamental discoveries in astronomy.