ConeTEC Field Demonstration to Geotechnical Graduate Students

On a chilly Saturday, November 23rd, CEIE geotechnical graduate students from Dr. Burak Tanyu’s CEIE636 – Sources of Geotechnical Data class explored what is beneath George Mason’s athletic practice field. Civil engineers Ethan Cargill, P.E., and Rob Cedar from ConeTEC brought their 50,000 lb testing truck to GMU from their Charles City, VA offices for a demonstration. Eric Backus, P.E., from GMU Facilities helped with location and underground utility clearance so that students could explore 30 ft below the ground surface with ConeTEC’s highly sophisticated seismic cone penetrometer test with pore pressure dissipation and dilatometer tests. These data are used in geotechnical design applications including bearing capacity estimation, elastic settlement calculation, time rate of settlement and pre-consolidation acute stress assessment, horizontal earth pressure estimation, shallow foundation response, and seismic site classification.  Interaction with leaders in engineering practice is a signature feature of the CEIE program.