Dr. Ferreira Awarded by Dominion Foundation for Higher Education

Dr. Ferreira was recently awarded US$ 45,000 from the Dominion Foundation for Higher Education for his project “The insider’s view of the storm: A mobile extreme weather monitoring unit to integrate the Civil Engineering Laboratory at George Mason University”. The project will set-up a mobile extreme weather environmental data acquisition unit for the Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Teaching Laboratory at George Mason University  capable of collecting environmental field data in the path of severe storms. The mobile unit will provide reliable on-the-ground data of flooding and weather conditions, allowing students to study infrastructure at risk in the path of the storms. The equipment will also be utilized to create the GMU Educational Watershed, an outdoors water resources teaching laboratory. Besides providing valuable scientific data for understanding and reducing vulnerability to extreme events, the “insider’s view of the storm” and the GMU Educational Watershed are a great opportunity to engage undergraduate civil engineering students in professional activities and research with long-lasting effect on GMU education mission and its continued advance in higher education; also creating a better educated civil and environmental engineering workforce for VA.