Dr. Viviana Maggioni Joins CEIE Faculty

CEIE welcomes Dr. Viviana Maggioni, who will join the faculty as an Assistant Professor in January, 2014.  Dr. Maggioni received her Ph.D. degree in environmental engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2012, and she is currently concluding her postdoctoral experience at the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center at the University of Maryland. Her research interests lie at the intersection of hydrometeorology and remote sensing. In particular, she is interested in the application of remote sensing techniques to estimate and monitor hydrological variables. She studies how to improve those retrieval techniques and to enhance estimates of their associated uncertainties.  This work has direct applications in water resources management, weather and climate prediction, as well as agriculture and irrigation practices. CEIE students will have the opportunity to study with Dr. Maggioni in classes and projects related to hydrology, remote sensing and environmental engineering.