New VCTIR Research Award on Use of Recycled Concrete in Road Beds

Dr. Burak Tanyu has been awarded a research grant from Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (VCTIR) on the use of recycled concrete in road beds. The work will involve evaluation and ultimately design of sustainable road structures using recycled concrete and geotextile filter systems in lieu of natural aggregate for base layers of flexible pavement systems. Whereas recycled concrete and geotextile have been used independently, Dr. Tanyu’s research focuses on developing guidelines to combine the two sustainable materials in one road profile. Experimental studies will be performed to create admixture designs, evaluating the long-term hydraulic performance of geotextiles installed with recycled concrete.

VCTIR, the sponsor for this research, is the research branch of the Virginia Department of Transportation.  VCTIR is committed to advancing practice in sustainable road construction, especially when it reduces both the cost of construction and the cost of concrete disposal.