CEIE Students Put Green Energy to Work on Campus

Engineering students work with the Office of Sustainability to build a solar panel power charging station on campus.CEIE students Chris Dolan, Bryan Steckler, and Stanley Bonta joined with seven electrical engineerring students this summer to build a solar-powered, outdoor, covered work station for students.

Dr. Nathalia Peixoto, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, challenged students to move their learning off the design screen and into real life.  The university gave permission to build the eight person work station outside University Hall, on the south side, of course.  The station includes six AC outlets, twelve USB ports, an LED television screen and Wi-Fi powered by a battery enclosed in the support for the table.

The students were imaginative and true to their commitment to environmental sustainability in the finishing touches.  They collected discarded beverage bottles from local businesses, sorted them by color, smashed them, then used them to create a mosaic patterned with the glass set into concrete and subsequently polished it.

The Volgenau School hopes for one in our own backyard, now, to showcase solar-energy-meets-student-energy outside the Nguyen Engineering Building.  For more information go to http://newsdesk.gmu.edu/2014/06/engineering-students-team-build-outdoor-workstation/.