Deborah Goodings Appointed to National Academies Board

D_Gooding (1 of 1)-9Dr. Deborah Goodings has been appointed to serve on the National Academies/National Research Council Board on Earth Sciences and Resources (BESR).

The National Academies site explains that “(t)he Board coordinates the National Research Council’s activities on solid-earth science issues and organizes and oversees studies of important national issues in the earth sciences. Through its activities, the Board identifies opportunities for advancing basic research and understanding of earth science information for policy decisions, reports on the applications of earth sciences to important societal issues, and addresses the overall health of research and education programs related to earth sciences and resources issues. The Board and its committees also serve as fora for discussions and exchange of information among scientists, engineers, and policy makers from government, universities, and industry.” Dr. Goodings also serves on the NRC Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering, which is overseen by the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources.