Dr. Maggioni Visits Brazilian Weather and Climate Center

CPTECDr. Viviana Maggioni visited the Brazilian Center for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies (Centro de Previsão do Tempo e Estudos Climáticos , CPTEC) in Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo. CPTEC is the weather prediction agency of Brazil, part of INPE (National Institute for Space Research). CPTEC is the most advanced center for numerical weather prediction and climate in Latin America, providing forecasts for short and medium term climate and high precision, since the beginning of 1995.

During her visit, Dr. Maggioni (second from left) closely worked with Dr. Daniel Vila’s research group on a project that investigates using satellite precipitation estimates to simulate streamflow in the catchment formed by the Tocantis and Araguaia rivers, the central fluvial arteries of Brazil. She also gave a seminar on “The quest for precision: uncertainty in satellite precipitation products” to CPTEC scientists as well as students enrolled in the CPTEC graduate program.

Brazil continues to invest in university level education and research in engineering and science through international collaboration and fellowships to support graduate student study abroad. Dr. Maggioni’s visit strengthens our research partnership with the Brazilian Center for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies.