Dr. Tanyu Recognized by International Geosynthetics Society

Tanyu DeskDr. Burak Tanyu has been recognized by the International Geosynthetics Society for his journal article “Laboratory Evaluation of Geocell-Reinforced Gravel Subbase Over Poor Subgrades”.  The paper, co-authored with Aydilek, Lau, Edil and Benson, was chosen as one of the best papers published in the Geosynthetics International Journal in 2013 and received the honorable mention award.

The article addresses sustainable pavement layer design, investigating the benefits of using geocells to reduce the use of natural aggregates to construct foundations for road profiles. The research showed that when geocells are used in subgrade construction the plastic deflection of the working platform was reduced between 30% and 50%.  Geocells in the subgrade also improved the resilient modulus by 40% to 50% and the modulus of subgrade reaction by more than twice.  The article is important in advancing more sustainable pavement construction and can be implemented in geo-transportation engineering practice.

The full citation of Dr. Tanyu’s article can be found in http://geotrans.vse.gmu.edu/publications and more about his research team at http://geotrans.vse.gmu.edu/team.