Simohamed Ghiwane is Awarded the First Michael J. Casey Endowed Scholarship

ghiwaneMr. Simohamed Ghiwane, EIT, a candidate for the MS in Construction Project Management in CEIE, has been named the first Michael J. Casey Endowed Scholar.  Mr. Ghiwane graduated from George Mason in 2009 with a BS in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.  Following graduation, he was employed with William A. Hazel Inc until 2011 when he joined the team of Engineers with Fairfax County.  His current responsibilities include review of allcommercial buildings in the County to ensure they are structurally sound, designed to provide safe emergency evacuation in case of an emergency, and are accessible to people with special needs.

The Michael J. Casey Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the life and contributions of the late Michael J. Casey, PhD,  a former CEIE professor.  During Dr. Casey’s eight years at George Mason University, in the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, he made a significant impact on the program curriculum, the graduate program in construction, our process for recruiting and advancing graduate students, our faculty colleagues and especially on the hundreds of students who took his courses.  The scholarship award recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of a graduate student undertaking graduate work toward the MS in Construction Project Management.