Dr. Viviana Maggioni Receives Two Awards from NASA to Study Hyper-Resolution in Soil Moisture Land Modeling and Data Assimilation

Maggioni Photo 2Dr. Viviana Maggioni and Co-investigator Dr. Paul Houser of Mason’s Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science and Monash University in Melbourne Australia, received a $280,417 award from NASA for their project “Hyper-Resolution Hydrologic Modeling Enabled by SMAP Observations”. Their proposed research seeks to improve estimates of hyper-resolution (500 m) root zone soil moisture following a three-step approach by using land surface models, remote sensing observations, and data assimilation techniques. This project will result in a radical improvement over the current state-of-the-art forcing data and soil moisture estimations, and will move the NASA Earth Science program into the era of hyper-resolution land modeling and data assimilation.

Dr. Maggioni is also co-investigator on a $638,317 award as part of the NASA HiMAT (High Mountain Asia Team) and the “HMA-LDAS: Hyper-Resolution High Mountain Area Land Data Assimilation System” project led by Dr. Houser. The overall goal of this project is to study surface flux, snow/ice storage, and water balance changes in High Mountain Asia and investigate the causality of these changes at the regional to local scale. The High Mountain Asia (HMA) region is one of the greatest mountain systems in the world that contains the largest concentration of glacier ice outside the polar regions and is the headwater of rivers which support the ecosystem services, agriculture, energy and livelihood of over one billion people.