Dr. Shanjiang Zhu Receives National Science Foundation Award to Study the Impact of Washington Metro Shutdown and SafeTrack Program

CEIE Professor Dr. Shanjiang Zhu recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation for the project entitled “RAPID: Transit Network Disruption, Servishanjiangce Reliability, and Travel Behavior”.  Dr, Zhu is leading a research team including researchers from George Mason University and the University of Maryland to investigate the behavioral reaction among Washington Metro riders to the metro service disruptions as a result of a series of expedited safety enhancement projects, SafeTrack, and the transportation system dynamics during the re-equilibration process. The objectives of the research are to 1) collect unique system performance and travel behavior data sets before, during and after each of the 15 Metro service disruption events using state-of-the-art longitudinal behavior data collection methods; 2) test hypotheses on the impact of major transit service disruptions on a multi-modal transportation system; 3) advance understanding of human behavioral responses and system re-equilibration after such disruptions; and 4) systematically discover planning and operations strategies that can minimize the impact of major transit service shutdowns based on this improved understanding of travel behavior.  More information is available at Dr. Zhu NSF Award