Sidney O. Dewberry Receives CEI Excellence Award

Mr. Sidney O. Dewberry receiving the 2009 Engineering Excellence and Leadership AwardOn January 27, the Civil Engineering Institute (CEI) recognized the lifelong achievements of Mr. Sidney O. Dewberry with the 2009 Engineering Excellence and Leadership Award. Former recipients have included Virginia Rep. Tom Rust, P.E. and Carl Strock, former Commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Dewberry is the Founder and Chairman of the Dewberry Companies, and former Rector of George Mason University. Beginning in the early 1950s, Mr. Dewberry has had a brilliant career with numerous business and engineering achievements and is a figure in the Northern Virginia area. Present at the event were Mr. Dewbery and his daughter, Karen Grand Pre; Mr. Ron Ewing, CEO of the Dewberry Companies and CEI Chairman; Dr. Thomas Hennessey, GMU Chief of Staff; Dr. Lloyd Griffiths, Dean of the Volgenau School; Dr. Michael Bronzini, CEIE Chair and Dewberry Chair; distinguished members of the CEI Board, faculty, staff, and students. Mr. Dewberry addressed the audience with reflections on his career and on strategies for engineering and construction companies to weather the economic downturn. CEIE wholeheartedly congratulates Mr. Dewberry on this award and thanks him for his considerable contributions the Department, School, and University. More photos of the event can be viewed here.