CEIE Student Awarded SMART Scholarship

John GuentherCivil engineering junior John Guenther has been awarded the SMART scholarship (Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation) from the American Society for Engineering Education. The scholarship will cover his college expenses (tuition, books, health care, and a generous stipend) for the remainder of his undergraduate degree at Mason, starting in Fall 2010. In return for the scholarship, students spend one year working at a government research facility for every 2 semesters they were covered by the scholarship; after graduation, John will go to work with the US Air Force’s Space and Missile Center in Los Angeles, CA. “This is a tremendous blessing and opportunity, and I just want to thank all the professors and everybody who helped make this possible,” said John. Students at all levels of engineering studies are eligible; more information about the SMART scholarship can be found at: http://smart.asee.org/.