GMU Engineers for International Development return from assessment trip to Maijuna villages in the Peruvian Amazon

Dr. Barry Liner, the GMU Director of International Engineering Programs, co-led a small team with Dr. Michael Gilmore, GMU ethno-biologist, that included two students: CEIE undergraduate, Gabriel Stonebraker, and Sociology major, Leslie Temple. They were the assessment team to evaluate the water and sanitation needs of the remote, indigenous Maijuna people of Peru, and to determine the feasibility for implementing appropriate engineering infrastructure to address those simple needs. They are now evaluating their findings to determine if they have a plan that meets the needs and wishes of the Maijuna villagers; that is feasible and sustainable from an engineering point of view; and at the same time, that is suitable for a team of students to design, and to build, living and working side by side with the villagers. If they satisfy those criteria, this project will become another GMU Engineers for International Development project. The Maijuna project builds on the success of the first GMU Engineers for International Development project, completed in summer, 2011.