Dr. Celso Ferreira Appointed as Visiting Scientist at USGS

Dr. Celso Ferreira has been appointed a Visiting Associate Researcher with the National Research Program at the US Geological Survey in Reston, VA.  The National Research Program http://water.usgs.gov/nrp/ is the flagship national water research program for the US Geological Survey.

Dr. Celso Ferreira is working with USGS researchers to develop a watershed hydrology model to evaluate the impacts of land use change on local urban watersheds in Fairfax County (Difficult Run and Lake Accotink). This analysis will also support the evaluation of ongoing stream restoration projects in these streams and the impacts of climate change on the hydrology of these watersheds. In addition, Dr. Ferreira is collaborating with the USGS hurricane storm surge monitoring program.  As part of that, he was a member of the team that set up storm surge measurement devices on the DELMARVA Peninsula, in preparation for Hurricane Sandy’s landfall. As well as developing our research cooperation, this partnership will allow our CEIE students to become more involved with USGS activities in projects such as summer internships, OSCAR research and individual studies.