Dr. Shanjiang Zhu presents ICC Case Study to Institute of Transportation Engineers

Dr. Shanjiang Zhu presented his cutting edge research on the Inter-County Connector Corridor to the Washington D.C. section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers in Arlington, VA on May 23. His presentation was entitled “Integrating an Agent-Based Travel Behavior Model with Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation for Corridor-Level and Sub-Area Transportation Operations and Planning Applications: A Case Study of the Inter-County Connector Corridor”.

He presented a case study applying microscopic traffic simulation beyond the corridor level analysis, an approach seldom seen. This study develops a framework that integrates agent-based travel behavior models with large-scale traffic simulation to capture the regional impacts of new development. The proposed model is then applied to the I-270/I-495/I-95 corridor in the North Washington D.C. metropolitan area for a case study. The study reveals the potential to capture network dynamics and behavioral reactions. This framework also provides a valuable tool for the evaluation of new transportation infrastructure, such as the Inter-County Connector corridor currently under construction, and its operation strategies.