CEIE Professors at Transportation Research Board

TRB is the largest professional transportation organization in the world and meets in January each year in Washington DC. This year nearly 12,000 participants attended the annual meeting and CEIE faculty Dr. David Lattanzi, Dr. Shanjiang Zhu, and Dr. Burak Tanyu attended taking leadership positions in committees and presentations.

Dr. David Lattanzi was invited to speak at the section meeting for Structural Engineers (AFF00), where he presented “Inspection Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities”. During his presentation he outlined the challenges for civil engineers to use robots in performing next-generation bridge inspections and emphasized a data-driven approach for application in the field.

Dr. Shajiang Zhu attended TRB as a new member of the Transportation Economics Committee (ABE20) and also presented a technical paper on “Rationing and Pricing Strategies for Congestion Mitigation under Heterogeneous Users and Vehicle Types” at a poster session sponsored by the committee.

Dr. Burak Tanyu is the chair of the Physicochemical and Biological Phenomena in Soils Committee (AFP40) and a member of the Geosyntethics Committee (AFS70) at TRB. This year, in addition to his committee responsibilities, Dr. Tanyu organized three technical sessions: “Advancements in Soil Improvement Using Biomediation Methods”, “Case Studies on Mechanical and Environmental Evaluation of Recycled Materials Used in Transportation Applications”, and “Geosynthetics Yesterday, Today, and in the Future”. The geosynthetics lectern session was selected as one of the spotlight sessions at the conference.   The photo above shows Dr. Tanyu (second from left) meeting with chairs of the other committees in his section.  He is seated to the left of long time TRB staff representative, Jay Jayaprakash.