New FHWA Director, Office of Bridges and Structures: Dr. Joey Hartman

hartmannDr. Joey Hartmann, long-time adjunct faculty member in CEIE, has been selected as the Federal Highway Administration’s new Director of the Office of Bridges and Structures.  He was chosen because of his broad infrastructure leadership experience in design and construction of bridges and structures.  Dr. Hartmann has been instrumental in establishing coalitions with international, national, and local governments, and industry representatives to develop bridge design standards and conduct forensic investigations of collapsed structures including the Interstate 5 Skagit River Bridge.  Prior to this assignment, he served for 5 years as a Senior Research Structural Engineer in the FHWA Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center Office of Infrastructure Research and Development in McLean, VA, where he led a professional research staff in developing advanced grades of high performance materials to improve bridge design at the national level.  Dr. Hartmann was the 2011 winner of the CEI Engineering Excellence and Leadership Award.

At George Mason University, Dr. Hartmann is known as a truly outstanding and highly sought-after teacher of structural engineering.  While his experience and academic background made him an excellent candidate to teach at the graduate level, Dr. Hartmann preferred to invest in laying the foundation for beginning structural engineering students, teaching CEIE210 and CEIE310 to hundreds of CEIE undergraduates … and some of them more than once.  Shear and bending moment, and free body diagrams were second nature to Dr. Hartmann, who made sure to make time in his demanding work schedule to help any student struggling to understand course material.

Dr. Hartmann’s new position, unfortunately for us, requires him to take a break from teaching at GMU, however he has promised to stay connected to the department as an affiliate faculty member, still accessible to our students for special lectures and advising.