Transportation Research Board Appoints Dr. Shanjiang Zhu

shanjiangDr. Shanjiang Zhu has been appointed to two Transportation Research Board committees: the Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values, (ADB10) and the Committee on Transportation Economics (ABE20).  Transportation Research Board committees, which operate under the umbrella of the National Research Council of the National Academies, steer research agenda that serve national, state, and municipal transportation needs.  Committee membership is limited and membership in itself is a recognition of members’ contributions to the topics included in the scope of a committee.  The Transportation Research Board meets annually in Washington DC, attracting well over 10,000 attendees.

Dr. Zhu currently serves as a session chair for the TRB Innovations in Travel Modeling 2014 conference.  This meeting focuses on the latest developments in travel modeling and identifies research and implementation challenges and issues associated with deploying cutting-edge computational methods. The conference also considers advances made possible by the integration of social, land-use, transportation supply, and technology into the modeling process.