Mason’s chapter of the American Society for Civil Engineers wins multiple awards at regional competition

Mason’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) hosted the annual ASCE Virginia’s Conference on March 29 and 30. Approximately 300 students, faculty, and staff from 12 different regional universities and colleges attended the conference.

Mason students competed in six different competitions and won five first-place awards.

Students from eight schools raced concrete canoes on the Occoquan Reservoir in Fountainhead Regional Park, Fairfax County, Virginia, while Mason student volunteers welcomed, guided, and helped with the event.

Various other competitions were held at Mason’s Fairfax Campus. The conference concluded with a mixer in HUB student commons where participants and volunteers socialized and celebrated the competitions and the awards.

The ASCE challenged civil engineer students to identify visionary ideas to address engineering challenges and explore ideas for long-term student competitions which will influence the future of ASCE’s student conferences.

Our Mason Blue Sky team received guidance from General Joseph Schroedel and the National Academy of Engineers to envision and craft a proposal for a multidisciplinary competition. Mason Blue Sky team proposed a collaboration of future engineers from different disciplines to develop technologies and new concepts to recycle energy.

Our Mason ASCE group collaborated with students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in a team lead by Shay. The team brainstormed ideas on using dissipated and underutilized energy on campus. Students proposed innovative solutions and techniques to generate electric power using dissipated energy from the EagleBank Arena. The team explored ways to collect several types of dissipated energy and how to use them.

Mason’s ASCE student officers—president Sarah Shay and vice president Andres Izquierdo– spent much of the year organizing the conference to make it a memorable event for all attendees.

Faculty advisors Liza Wilson Durant, associate dean for strategic initiatives and community engagement, and Doaa Bondok, an assistant professor in the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (CEIE) provided guidance and support throughout the process.

Teams and Team Members

Blue Sky team (1st place and advanced to National):

Heather Paul (Team Captain)

David Hickel (Team Co-Captain)

Andres Izquierdo

Sarah Shay

Ahmed Ibrahim

Cynthia Aguirre

Giorgio Barchitta

Rachid Karame

Multidisciplinary Team (1st Place):

Sarah Shay (Team Captain, CEIE)

Giorgio Barchitta (CEIE)

Taylor Dadig (CEIE)

Chigozie Erondu (Mechanical)

David Hickel (CEIE)

John Humpton (CEIE)

Ahmed Ibrahim (CEIE)

Rachid Karame (Mechanical)

Daniel Mitchell (Mechanical)

Farbod Moghaddam (Mechanical)

Marr Technical Paper (1st Place):  Mera Shabati

Hardy Cross Competition (1st Place): Mera Shabati

Geotechnical Challenge GMU Team (1st place):

Mera Shabti, Aivan Estacio, Jorge Briones, and Jenny Eid

Concrete Frisbee Team (Best Accuracy):

Samuel Demeke (Team Captain)

Edson Cotrina (Team Co-Captain)

Kenneth Nguyen

Jenifer Joya-Blanco

Emad Amjad

Anny Kreiser

Stephanie Rodriguez

Aldana Garcia

Mason’s ASCE student chapter would like to thank the Mason’s Civil Engineering Institute, ASCE NCS, ASCE Region 2, Shirley Contracting Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, ATCS, Baker, Atkins, Louis Berger Foundation, and VHB for their generous contribution.

More information about other sponsors who support the mission of Mason’s ASCE student chapter can be found at gmuasce.strikingly.com

Participating colleges and universities included: Bluefield State College, Catholic University of America, Fairmont State University, Marshall University, George Washington University, Old Dominion University, Virginia Tech, Virginia Military Institute, West Virginia University, and West Virginia Institute of Technology.