Laura M. Kosoglu, Ph.D.

Associate Department Chair
Director, CEIE Graduate Program
Associate Professor, Geotechnical Engineering
Telephone: (703) 993-5319
1305 Nguyen Engineering Building


  • PhD, Geotechnical Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • MS, Geotechnical Engineering, Lehigh University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Lehigh University


CEIE 203: Geomatics (Surveying) and Engineering Graphics
CEIE 240: Hydraulics
CEIE 331: Soil Mechanics
CEIE 340: Water Resources Engineering
CEIE 401/501: Sustainable Land Development
CEIE 498: 3D Printing
CEIE 432/532: Foundation Design


Soil-structure interaction, Clay surface science and clay behavior, Environmental geotechnics, Geoenvironmental engineering, Soil improvement, Foundation engineering

Faculty Profile:

Dr. Kosoglu is an Associate Professor in the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering. As an NSF IGERT Doctoral Fellow and Marion Via Doctoral Fellow, she earned her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech where she studied factors that influence clay behavior for time-dependent processes such as secondary compression, shear deformation, and fault dynamics behavior. Her work resulted in the development of a novel experimental method to measure the coefficient of friction between clay particles at the micro-scale using an Atomic Force Microscope. She has also conducted research at Virginia Tech on the use of geofoam for reducing lateral earth pressures on retaining walls. She earned her M.S. from Lehigh University where she investigated the electrokinetically-enhanced delivery of a dispersed polymer-coated nano-iron slurry in clay for the purpose of fast and effective remediation of soil contaminants. She earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University with highest honors.

Dr. Kosoglu has geotechnical engineering consulting experience as well as industry experience in water resources engineering. Such work includes comprehensive planning studies to forecast future water demands, analyze source-of-supply issues, determine production and storage needs, and ensure compliance with future environmental regulations.

Selected publications:

Kosoglu, Laura. (2014). “Environmental Geotechnics – A Geotechnical Engineer’s View.” Environmental Geotechnics, 1(2), 70.

Kosoglu, Laura and Filz, George. (2011). “Modeling Macro-scale Clay Secondary Compression at Micro-scale Clay Particle Interfaces.” GeoFrontiers 2011 Conference Proceedings, ASCE, 4273-4282.

Kosoglu, Laura M., Bickmore, Barry R., Filz, George M., and Madden, Andrew S. (2010). “Atomic Force Microscopy Method for Measuring Smectite Coefficients of Friction.” Clays and Clay Minerals, 58(6), 813-820.

Pamukcu, Sibel, Hannum, Laura, and Wittle, J. Kenneth. (2008). “Delivery and Activation of Nano-iron by DC Electric Field.” Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, Toxic/Hazardous Substance & Environmental Engineering, 43(8), 934-944.

Hannum, Laura M. and Pamukcu, Sibel. (2007). “Aided Transport of Nano-iron in Clay Soils Using Direct Electric Field.” Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference, Vol. 2, NSTI, 635-638.

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