Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy, PE

Adjunct faculty, Structural Engineering

Sean Kennedy is a principal at BEI Structural Engineers, Inc., located in Fairfax, VA, with 19 years of experience in the structural design of a wide range of commercial and private buildings. Sean is also a long time member of the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue where he has been deployed as a structural specialist to assist with the rescue efforts as a result of disasters around the world, including to Japan in 2011; to Haiti in 2010 and 2008; and to Hurricane Katrina damage areas in 2005. He is currently the Lead Structures Specialist for the team and is also an elected member of the Structures Sub-Group for FEMA, which dictates the qualifications and policies for all of the Structural Specialists on all 28 Urban Search Rescue Teams within the FEMA system. Sean joined the CEIE adjunct faculty of CEIE in 2011, bringing the benefit of his extensive and varied design experience into his teaching of structural design.