Sharon deMonsabert, PE

Associate Professor Emerita, Environmental Engineering

Dr. Sharon deMonsabert retired from GMU in 2012, and was honored with emerita status in recognition of her service to the university.

In her nineteen years as a CEIE faculty member, Dr. deMonsabert taught widely in both environmental engineering, and technical entrepreneurship.  She was an active adviser of undergraduates both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.  She was an early mainstay of the environmental engineering graduate program, and her 2008 paper “How to Include Economic Analysis in TMDL Allocations?” published by the American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Water Resources and Management was awarded their Best Practice Paper for that year.  In recognition of her leadership in sustainable concepts in education and engineering, Dr. deMonsabert served as the Provost’s Fellow for Sustainable Curricula for two years.