Reducing Climate Disasters in Communities

George Mason University received a $6 million grant from the NSF for research on mitigating risks of climate disasters in Virginia communities.

Engineering Fungi for Sustainable Building

Assistant Professor Emma Zhang researches how mushrooms chemical properties repair breaks in construction.

Consequences of Coal Emissions

Assistant Professor Lucas Henneman led the research study on health risks caused by emissions from coal power plants. He collaborated on this study with a team of researchers from UT-Austin and Harvard University.


A headshot of Assistant Professor Kirin Emlet Furst
Warming Temperatures in Water Distribution Systems -- Cause for Concern

Assistant Professor Kirin Emlet Furst studies how rising temperatures in water distribution systems impact drinking water. She received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for her research.

Mason PhD student Soelem Bhuyian at Fuse in Arlington
Forecasting Flood Hazards

Civil Engineering PhD student Soelem Aafnan Bhuyian uses satellites to observe coastal flooding near vulnerable communities.

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