“When I began my education in civil engineering, spaces for lab work were limited. Because of this experience, I understand the importance of having a place where you can test and build, and collaborate.”

— John Toups, civil engineer and entrepreneur

Shape the Future

Charles Toups
Charles Toups describes his father John Toups’ passion for giving back to help future generations obtain first-rate educational experiences. The Instructional Laboratory for Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering at the College of Engineering and Computing, is named in memory of John Toups.

We help our graduates develop the tools and vision they need to address the complex demands of our evolving infrastructure. You can make a difference by supporting our research, funding scholarships, and helping us build and equip advanced laboratories.

Help us build a better world by:

  • Partnering with students on their senior design projects. Industry sponsors can support a team of seniors to help them conceptualize, design, analyze, build, test, and report on an engineering problem that benefits the sponsors.
  • Offering students internships and learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Mentoring a student.
  • Donating to build and equip labs.
  • Sponsoring a lecture series or other event during Engineers Week.
  • Supporting faculty research.
  • Funding a distinguished fellowship.
  • Financing scholarships.
  • Supporting student travel to conferences and national design competitions.

If you want to make a bigger impact or honor someone special, consider a naming opportunity.

Contact Kira Woitek to explore all our giving opportunities and plan gifts in ways that achieve our shared goals.

You can also support the alumni campaign. Please specify that you are donating to Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering.

Timeline of Transformational Gifts

2012: Sid and Reva Dewberry Make $1M Gift
2012: Sid and Reva Dewberry Make $1M Gift

Sidney O. ​and Reva Dewberry contributed $1 million to the Civil Engineering Department. To honor them, the department was renamed the Sid and Reva Dewberry Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Department.

"George Mason University has quickly become one of the many universities across the country that is providing the necessary education and training for future civil engineers. It was a pleasure for my wife and me to provide this gift to build a first-class civil and environmental engineering department."

— Sid Dewberry, founder of Dewberry and donor to the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering