Civil Engineering Institute

Engineering leaders from industry, government, and academia advise and consult with our department through our Civil Engineering Institute.

This is Cerasela Cristei posing for a portrait photo wearing a dark-gray suit and button up shirt.
Cerasela Cristei, chair of the Civil and Engineering Institute, and other members of the board advise and consult with the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering.


The Civil Engineering Institute Board, our advisory board, meets regularly to conduct its business, interact with the department, and report on committee activity. If you want to join, please contact us. Our executives are:

  • Chair Cerasela Cristei, PhD, PE—EXP U.S. Services
  • Vice Chairwoman Terry Suehr—City of Alexandria
  • Treasurer Brian Chromey—Wetland Studies and Solutions
  • Executive Director Sam Salem, PE—Chairman of the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering


Term expiring December 2022

  • Ryan Anderson, PE—The Christman Company
  • Cerasela Cristei, PE – EXP
  • George Guszcza—Michael Baker International
  • David Laib, PE—Balfour Beatty Construction
  • Hardeep Rana, PE
  • Harold Rodriguez, PE
  • Terry Suehr, PE—City of Alexandria
  • Cathy Trent, PE—Washington Gas

Term expiring December 2021

  • S. Richard Benton, PE, F.ASCE, DBIA— SR Benton & Associates LLC
  • Helman Castro, PE—Fairfax County
  • Jamie Bain Hedges, PE—Fairfax Water
  • Michael E. Post—Shirley Contracting Company LLC
  • Christopher Reseigh, PE
  • Doug Kennedy—Pennoni

Term expiring December 2023

  • Brian Chromey, PE—Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.
  • Hank Hatch, PE
  • Bill Haight, PE
  • Joe Manous, PE
  • Peter Rigby, PE
  • Howell Simmons, PE, PS
  • Kurt Thompson PE—Dewberry

“The best civil engineering students are the ones who take ownership of their projects, who learn the scope of the project, the standards that apply, and who constantly ask questions about how to do things better."

— Cerasela Cristei, chair of the Civil Engineering Institute, adjunct professor and senior project manager for T3 Design in Fairfax

All board meetings will take place virtually until further notice

Emeritus Members

  • Michael S. Bronzini, PE
  • Charlie C. Crowder Jr.
  • Sidney O. Dewberry, PE, LS
  • William Fry, PE
  • H.S. Hulme Jr., PE

Member Organizations and Their Representatives

  • AECOM—Stuart Harrison
  • Balfour Beatty Construction— David Laib
  • BL Halbert International – Daniel Hogan
  • City of Alexandria —Terry Suehr
  • Dewberry—Kurt Thompson
  • EXP U.S. Services — Cerasela Cristei
  • Fairfax County—Helman Castro
  • Fairfax Water—Jamie Bain Hedges
  • The Lane Construction Corporation—Richard McDonough
  • Michael Baker International—George Guszcza
  • Pennoni—Douglas Kennedy
  • Shirley Contracting Company LLC—Michael E. Post
  • The Christman Company—Ryan Anderson
  • Tri-Tek Engineering Inc.—Kevin Murray
  • Washington Gas—Cathy Trent
  • Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.—Brian Chromey
  • William A. Hazel Inc.—Mike King


  • Richard Benton, PE, F.ASCE, DBIA
  • William Fry, PE
  • Bill Haight, PE
  • Hank Hatch, PE
  • Hardeep Rana, PE
  • Gilberto Rosado, PE, ENV SP
  • Kelsey Ryan, PE
  • Joe Manous, PE
  • Christopher Reseigh, PE
  • Peter Rigby, PE
  • Joseph Schroedel, BG, PE, F.SAME, USA (Ret)
  • Howell Simmons, PE, LS
  • Joseph Vilseck, PE

Faculty Ex Officio

  • David Binning, PE
  • Doaa Bondok
  • Behzad Esmaeili
  • Celso Ferreira, PE
  • Kirin Furst
  • Lucas Henneman
  • Wenying Ji
  • Laura Kosoglu
  • David Lattanzi, PE
  • Viviana Maggioni
  • Elise Miller-Hooks
  • Burak Tanyu
  • Kuo Tian
  • Girum Urgessa, PE
  • Mohan Venigalla, PE
  • Shanjiang Zhu

Engineering Excellence and Leadership Award

In recognition of Exceptional Leadership, Outstanding Lifetime Achievement, and Significant Contribution to the Profession of Civil Engineering

2006 - Lieutenant General Carl Strock, Chief of Engineers, US Army (Ret.)

2007 - Dr. Patricia D. Galloway, President of ASCE (Ret.)

2008 - Hon. Thomas Rust, Virginia Delegate and Chairman of Patton, Harris, Rust, and Associates

2009 - Mr. Sidney O. Dewberry, Founder and Chairman of the Dewberry Companies

2010 - Lieutenant General Henry J. Hatch, Chief of Engineers, US Army, (Ret.)

2011 - Dr. Joseph Hartman, Bridge and Tunnel Team Leader, Federal Highway Administration

2012 - Mr. Milton V. Peterson, Founder and Chairman of The Peterson Companies

2013 - Sean T. Connaughton, Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Virginia

2014 - Mr. John T. (Til) Hazel, Jr., Reed Smith Hazel & Thomas (Ret.)

2015 - Mr. Bob Chase, Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance

2016 - Dr. Wayne Clough, P.E., HON.M.ASCE., N.A.E, Secretary Emeritus, The Smithsonian Institution

2017 - Stephen T. Ayers, AFIA, CCM, LEED AP, the Architect of the Capitol

2018 - Dr. Gerald E. Galloway, PE, Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland and Faculty Fellow of the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study Texas A&M University.

2019 - James Patteson, P.E., Manager, Countywide Strategic Planning at Fairfax County Government

2020 - Paul Weidefeld, P.E., General Manager and CEO, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The Civil Engineering Institute members
The Civil Engineering Institute members work with the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering. Front row, left to right: Helman Castro, Cerasela Cristei, Kurt Thompson, James Patteson, Sam Salem, Michael Post, Terry Suehr, and Howell Simmons. Back row, left to right: Rich Benton, Hardeep Rana, Chris Reseigh, Doug Kennedy, Joe Manous, Brian Chromey, William Haight III, and Jaime Bain Hedges.