CEI Activity

How we support the Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering department at Mason

CEI Mission Vision and Objectives

The Civil Engineering Institute is an industry advisory group formed in 1989, composed of local leaders in engineering involved in the design, construction, and management of civil infrastructure whose purpose is to assist the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (CEIE) program of George Mason University, herein referred to as “GMU.”  Objectives include:

  • advising on curricula changes to keep the program on the leading edge of professional practice;
  • providing liaison with the business community for teaching and advising;
  • assisting in internship placement for students;
  • assisting in finding employment for graduates and alumni;
  • assisting in securing nationally-recognized faculty by raising Eminent Scholars’ endowments;
  • supporting the Department’s student recruiting efforts;
  • implementing an awards program to honor engineering excellence and leadership within the civil engineering community;
  • supporting the Department in a continuing education program for practicing engineers within the community; and
  • fundraising for scholarships, student activity support, and academic program assistance to supplement that provided by the university.

To read the full by-laws for the Civil Engineering Institute follow this link: CEI By-Laws.

CEI Committees

  • Membership
  • Alumni
  • Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships
  • Curriculum and Programs
  • Bylaws, Nominating, and Awards Committee  

Scholarship Opportunities for Students

The Civil Engineering Institute Scholarship is from the department’s industry advisory group. It provides financial assistance for full-time undergraduate students pursuing a degree in civil and infrastructure engineering while increasing students’ ability to participate in learning experiences through student organizations.

More scholarships to come!  Connect with your advisor to discuss your different scholarship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities for Students

Please visit Handshake for the most up-to-date list of internship opportunities.

George Mason University's student team competes in the Steel Bridge Competition at the annual ASCE Steel Bridge Competition