Student Organizations

Our student organizations can help develop your career path, form new friendships, and create a professional network.

American Society of Civil Engineers

Every year, students in Mason’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) design a concrete canoe and scale model of a steel bridge for competitions. Builders race the canoe at a regional competition. The model bridge is judged on durability, stiffness, constructability, usability, efficiency, aesthetics, economy, and safety during construction. Participants in both events can earn the chance to compete at the national level.

Members participate in spoken and written competitions, attend lectures by industry leaders, network with potential employers, and plan tours of important civil engineering projects. The group also hosts an annual career fair with potential employers, as well as barbecues and other activities.

For more information, contact ASCE.

Engineers for International Development

Members of Mason’s Engineers for International Development (EfID) work both domestically and internationally to improve the quality of life in communities. Since the group’s founding in 2011, EfID has worked on projects in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Peruvian Andes, and the Amazon, addressing small communities' concerns about water shortages, clean water access, sanitation, and hygiene. Closer to home, the group recently built a wooden bridge over a stream near a Civil War battlefield in Toms Brook, Virginia.

A major part of EfID’s mission is to provide a hands-on learning environment. Throughout a project's design phase, 10 to 30 students work in teams with faculty and technical advisors to perform the calculations and to formulate a plan for construction. The process allows students to translate their academic skills in engineering courses to practical design scenarios.

For more information, contact EfID.

Society of American Military Engineers

Mason’s chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) connects students with engineering professionals through networking events, seminars, field studies, community involvement, and other activities. The group welcomes students from all backgrounds. The national chapter of the society leads collaborative efforts to identify and resolve national security infrastructure-related challenges.

For more information please contact:

Construction Management Association of America 

As part of the Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Department goals of introducing and enhancing a greater emphasis of Construction related courses and learning into the curriculum, an initiative has begun to form a George Mason student chapter of the Construction Management Association of America.

Spearheaded by Chris Reseigh, adjunct professor, and the local National Capital Chapter of the CMAA,  a number of students have signed up with many more interested.

Several monthly meetings have been held with guest speakers and presentations. Professor Wemying Ji is the faculty advisor and an Industry Advisory Committee has been formed to guide and promote construction management practices, procedures and project experiences with students, as well as mentoring and sharing technology.

Officers of the Mason student chapter are Fareeha  Haidari,  president, Mubashir Tahir, vice president, Martin Boddu, secretary, and Alison Gomes treasurer.

For more information, contact Chris Reseigh

Graduate Student Association for Civil and Infrastructural and Environmental (GRACE) 

Founded in January 2024, this is the first graduate student association for CEIE students at George Mason University (GMU). Our main goal at GRACE is to be inclusive and develop a community feeling among CEIE grad students. We organize bi-weekly coffee meetings, picnics and other professional development events.

For more information, please visit our website, GRACE .