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Our faculty, alumni, advisory board, and students are at the forefront of creating the environment in which we live. They design and construct buildings, roads, pipelines, and power networks that are resilient, sustainable, and secure.

Our Department's Stars

  • Faculty researchers doing groundbreaking work in building sustainable and long-lasting infrastructure, monitoring structural conditions, and anticipating and reducing the impact of natural hazards. 
  • Dedicated staff members creating a positive environment for our department. 
  • Alumni building a professional network for our students. 
  • Generous donors giving a hand up to the next generation. 
  • Advisory board members devoted to engineering education. 

Our Students 

  • Are inquisitive with a drive to succeed.
  • Are highly recruited by employers.
  • Develop enterprising senior design projects.
  • Serve communities around the nation and the world.
  • Conduct critical research.
  • Become leaders in industry and government.
Engineers for International Development group on a bridge they designed in Toms Creek, Virginia.

Engineers for International Development designed and built a bridge for hikers in Toms Creek, Virginia. The group does one international project each year, as well as some projects closer to home.

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