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Outstanding Faculty

Our world-class professors are experts in building sustainable and long-lasting infrastructure, monitoring structural conditions, and anticipating and reducing the impact of natural hazards. They'll prepare you to tackle challenging careers in civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering.

Elise Miller-Hooks

Elise Miller-Hooks serves as the department's Bill and Eleanor Hazel Endowed Chair. Prior to joining our faculty, she served as program director of the National Science Foundation’s Civil Infrastructure Systems Program in the Engineering Directorate.

Our faculty members—who combine practical experience with in-depth scholarly studies—instruct students, guide them, and make them partners in advanced research projects.

Mason Engineering professors:

  • Have excellent credentials in teaching, research, and service.
  • Collaborate worldwide with dozens of government agencies, companies, and private firms.
  • Work with professors in other departments on complex research projects.
  • Provide students with connections to government and local industry in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as nationally, and internationally.
  • Challenge students to complete innovative senior projects.
  • Publish in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Launch initiatives to find original solutions to problems.
  • Are diverse in expertise, gender, and ethnicity.
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