Prominent Recognition

Associate Professor Girum Urgessa received the John Toups Presidential Medal for his exceptional work in teaching.

Restoring National Infrastructure

Mason Engineering student Lindsey Davis, works as a Project Engineer in the Capitol for the Christman Company. This company received a nearly $1 billion contract to renovate the Cannon House Office building -- built over a 100 years ago.

Rising in the Rankings

The College of Engineering and Computing achieved its highest ranking ever in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) HERD survey for 2021. The CEC is also ranked in the top 100 for graduate programs in the new U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Strong Foundation

Students tour an active construction site in the center of campus to see building foundations being poured and learn about the construction process as part of their Foundation Design class taught by Laura Kosoglu.

Water Sustainability

Assistant Professor Kirin Emlet Furst and her team of students research ways to improve filtration systems in water sources.


Viviana Maggioni portrait in front of projection of satellite imagery of precipitation
Tackling Global Challenges on Local Scale
Tackling Global Challenges on Local Scale


Researchers study ways to improve stormwater infrastructure in Northern Virginia for resilience against future climate impacts. Learn more about this important research.

Jon Parker poses for portrait in the atrium of the Nguyen Engineering building on the Fairfax, Va Campus of George Mason University
Student Leading Fight for Sustainability
Student Leading Fight for Sustainability

When Jon Parker transferred to Mason from Northern Virginia Community College, he knew he would study civil and environmental engineering. Campus involvement inspired the sustainability advocate, and built career ambitions focused on environmental health.

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