Geotechnical Engineering

Our research team works closely with government and industry within Northern Virginia, and our research outcomes are quickly adopted into practice in disciplines related to geo-engineering. 

Co-directors of the SGI Research Group Burak Tanyu and Kuo Tian
Co-directors of the SGI Research Group Burak Tanyu and Kuo Tian at their lab on the Fairfax Campus. The lab is equipped to conduct research related to evaluation engineering properties of recycled materials, aggregates, and soils.

Our areas of expertise include:

Forecasting Landslides in Transportation Corridors

This research seeks methods to predict rainfall-caused landslides before they happen. Our research team uses advanced digital elevation models, along with storm and soil data, to develop a tool to save lives from this common natural disaster. Principal Investigator: Burak Tanyu.

Geosynthetics in Reinforced Soil/Bridge Systems

Our research team collects data from a bridge in Virginia to investigate the performance of geosynthetic reinforced soil/integrated bridge systems. Our research will be incorporated into AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, ensuring that practicing engineers use best practices in their designs. Principal investigator: Burak Tanyu.

Recycled Asphalt-Highway Systems

Recycling concrete into new pavement provides a less expensive building material and diverts large quantities of construction waste from landfills. This research explores the maximum percentage of recycled concrete that may be used in pavement design without sacrificing the strength and durability of the road. Principal investigator: Burak Tanyu.